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Sun, Sea and Stability

Barbados is an independent state with a population of approximately 287,733 (July 2012 est.), and a literacy rate of approximately 99.7%. Barbadians, also known as ‘Bajans’, live across the island in 11 geographic ‘parishes’

As a tourist destination, Barbados is known for its tropical climate and its sun, sea and sand. As a financial jurisdiction, Barbados is known for its stable economic, political and investment climate.

As the highest rated Caribbean country with a UNDP HDI rank of “Very High Human Development”,the Barbados economy is powered by tourism, manufacturing, service-oriented businesses and direct foreign investment. Barbados is a tourism destination of choice for visitors from around the world, and an investment destination of choice for a large number of regional and international businesses, franchises and investors. A number of Barbadian-based businesses export goods and services throughout the Caribbean region and to international destinations across the globe.

First Citizens is proud to have a family of dedicated team members in Barbados, the ‘gem of the Caribbean sea’. If you are considering Barbados as a banking destination, please feel free to contact us for more information on our services.


*UNDP- United Nations Development Programme
2013 Human Development Report


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